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Help Your Patients Be Prepared for
Their Medical Appointment

It takes a lot of effort for patients with diabetes to keep track of all the medical information they receive, what is expected in terms of self-care, and their visits to various providers. It can be challenging for them to remember everything they need to share with you during their visits, including any questions they have about managing diabetes and any results from visits with other providers. 

You and your patients can make the most of your visits together by using the Be Prepared for Your Medical Appointment form. This printable checklist for patients with diabetes organizes all of the important pieces of information that need to be discussed during their visit. 

Download and print the Be Prepared for Your Medical Appointment form—available in both English and Spanish. Review the content in the form with your patients, including where they can fill in information about visits to other healthcare providers, test results, how they are feeling throughout the day, and their current list of medications. Show your patients where they can write down any questions they want to ask you. Ask them to bring the form with them to their next visit with you so you can be sure to cover everything they want and need to discuss. 

At the next visit, use the form as a prompt to discuss with patients how they’re doing with diabetes self-management and the areas where they need help. Review the list of questions they have written down. 

At the end of each visit, you can print another Be Prepared for Your Medical Appointment form for them to fill out and bring back with them.