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Support Resources for Patients with Diabetes

People with diabetes receive medical care and support from a broad range of healthcare professionals, including physicians, Nurse Practitioners, physician’s assistants, nurses, dietitians, diabetes educators, and pharmacists. In this collaborative and integrated team approach, individuals with diabetes assume an active role in their care, interacting as partners with healthcare providers to develop an effective plan of care that will help them reach their diabetes management goals.

Patients with diabetes who require pharmacologic management have a wide range of treatment choices, including both orally administered agents and injectable agents, which are used alone or together in various combinations depending on the individual patient’s glycemic status. Understanding how to self-monitor and adjust insulin therapy to keep glucose levels within the targeted range is one of the biggest hurdles for patients. Across all patients with diabetes, and especially those who require insulin therapy, a management plan should be formulated as a collaborative therapeutic alliance among the patient and family, the physician, and other members of the healthcare team. A variety of strategies and techniques should be used to provide adequate education on diabetes management and related problem-solving skills. Treatment goals and plans should be individualized and take patient preferences into account.

The diabetes management plan should include formal elements of diabetes self-management education (DSME) and ongoing diabetes support as integral components of care. In developing the treatment and educational plan, consideration should be given to the patient’s age, school or work schedule and conditions, physical activity, eating patterns, social situation and cultural factors, financial challenges, presence of diabetes complications, health priorities, and other medical conditions. Below are a few links to resources where patients can get more information about diabetes treatment and support programs.

Diabetes resources for patients with diabetes

Information about Diabetes Medications from the American Diabetes Association

Medications Used to Treat Type 2 Diabetes from the National Diabetes Education Initiative

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Support and financial resources for patients with diabetes

Learn, Connect, Engage with the Diabetes Online Community from the American Association of Diabetes Educators

Diabetes Support Groups and Education Plans from the Defeat Diabetes Foundation

Taking Control of Your Diabetes from the American Psychological Association

Financial Help for Diabetes Care from National Institutes of Health

Prescription Assistance from the American Diabetes Association

More Support Resources

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