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Stick to a Healthy Plan for Diabetes Management

Patients with diabetes benefit from following a nutritious, balanced diet and engaging in physical activity.1,2 It is important that you communicate to patients the benefits of a healthy lifestyle on the management of diabetes.

Remind them that:

  • The choices they make can affect their blood sugar levels on a daily basis.
  • Healthy eating and physical activity are just as important as medications to managing diabetes as they work toward their overall diabetes goals.
You can motivate patients by identifying small changes that they can make, setting reachable goals, and celebrating successes with them. 

The “Stick to a Healthy Plan” tracker is available in both English and Spanish. You can download and share it with your patients to encourage them to keep track of their food choices and physical activity. 

Ask your patients to bring their Stick to a Healthy Plan tracker with them to their next visit. Encourage your patients to share—with you and their support network—their progress and any challenges they encountered while trying to meet their nutritional and activity goals.