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Exercise for Seniors with Diabetes

Seniors may not get enough physical activity in their daily routine, which could be caused by a decrease in their overall physical condition or a specific underlying medical issue.1

Exercise is a key part of managing diabetes.2 Seniors with diabetes should be encouraged to incorporate some physical activity –particularly flexibility and balance training– into their daily routine, as appropriate.2 You can help seniors have an active lifestyle by incorporating exercises that they can enjoy safely.

The downloadable brochure, “Exercise in Seniors with Diabetes,” can help you assess the benefits and risks of an exercise program for seniors.

Seniors may be reluctant to start an exercise program because of a fear of falling, nonetheless, exercise was shown to improve glucose control in elderly patients with diabetes.3,4 Diabetes itself may increase the risk for falls because of impaired sensation and reflexes, vision problems, obesity, medications, and foot problems.5,6 You can play an important role in helping to keep seniors safe by understanding how to identify the risk factors associated with falling, as well as introduce ways to help seniors prevent falls.

The downloadable brochure, “Preventing Falls in Seniors with Diabetes,” can help you identify problem areas that can lead to an increased risk of falls and ways to modify those risk factors.