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Living Healthier with Diabetes

Patients with diabetes may find it challenging to manage all of the aspects of their diabetes care. It is well-recognized that patients face ongoing challenges in diabetes self-management, implementing lifestyle changes, and keeping track of schedules for medications and self-monitoring of blood glucose (SMBG), all of which can help manage and prevent comorbidities and complications.

Changes to lifestyle—implementing healthy eating habits and physical activity—can have a large impact on blood glucose levels, and hence diabetes-related complications. But these aspects of diabetes self-management can be difficult for patients to implement consistently.1

Nurse Practitioners play an important role in educating and caring for patients with diabetes. With regular clinic visits that involve diabetes self-management education (DSME) and support, you can help your patients as they work towards their target eating habits and exercise levels.

This presentation, “Living Healthier with Diabetes,” is designed to help you initiate a conversation with your patients about some of the challenges they may encounter while living with diabetes and to provide potential solutions. You can review this presentation in English or Spanish with your patients during clinic visits.

Topics covered in this presentation include ways that patients can help remember their self-care instructions, how to incorporate healthy eating habits and exercise into a daily routine, what to do when traveling, where to find financial assistance, when to seek assistance for mental and emotional needs, and how to engage family and caregivers for support managing diabetes.

You can pause the presentation wherever necessary to engage patients in a dialogue about specific challenges and the solutions that might work best. This presentation includes links where patients can find more information and tools to help them with various aspects of diabetes self-care, including other Wellness iNPractice Diabetes tools.