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Helping you improve patient outcomes as they move along the diabetes journey

Educating for better health. Nurse Practitioners play a leading role in providing patient education and support—both of which are as critical for optimizing long-term outcomes as selecting the right medication. It is critical that patients learn the basics of diabetes and the principles that guide their treatment—a thorough understanding of medications, blood glucose testing and results, a healthy weight, a healthy diet, and the role of exercise will help motivate patients to take ownership of their care on a deeper level.

TEACH offers two kinds of tools to share with your patients to support engagement. The first is Diabetes Basics—a comprehensive set of educational slide presentations to share with patients during their visits. The second is a series of downloadable handouts that support all aspects of diabetes self-management with planners, tracking tools, guides, and more. To reach a wider patient population, all of these downloadable resources and tools are available in both English and Spanish.

Hear Jodi Strong DNP, FNPBC, APNP, CDE, BCARM, discuss the Wellness iNPractice network resources she uses to counsel and educate a patient with a new diabetes diagnosis.

Diabetes is associated with many comorbidities. Watch Angela Golden, DNP, FNP-C, FAANP, use the educational tools available on the Wellness iNPractice Network to help a patient understand the importance of diabetes self-management.

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