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Diabetes Treatment Options

The number of medications available for the treatment of diabetes continues to grow. Keeping up with what medications are available, how they work, and when they should be used can be a challenge. New technologies for measuring glucose and advances in data storage and cloud computing are available for you and your patients to keep track of daily glucose levels. There have been improvements in insulin pen designs and pump capabilities to help with insulin administration. 

In this section, you will find descriptions of all medications and devices that are currently available for diabetes management in the US. The medication section includes information about the mechanism of action and most common side effects of each class of medication for the treatment of hyperglycemia, from orals to injectables, as well as current guidelines for when each medication is recommended to be introduced in the progression of type 2 diabetes. Information about insulin initiation and intensification for both type 1 and type 2 diabetes is also included. The device section contains a description of various devices used for blood glucose testing and treatment delivery, including continuous glucose monitors and insulin pens and pumps, how they work, and which patients may be candidates for their use. Newer devices may require significant patient education and training, and you will need to assess the capacity and willingness of patients to use these devices.

Medication Options

Device Options