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The Role of the Nurse Practitioner – Central to Diabetes Patient Care

Since the first Nurse Practitioner training program was established 50 years ago, Nurse Practitioners have played an increasingly important role in providing high quality patient care in the US.1,2 Studies indicate that Nurse Practitioners working alone or in collaboration with physicians produce comparable patient outcomes as physicians alone.2 In response to the growing proportion of Nurse Practitioners within the healthcare workforce, the recent report by the Institute of Medicine, The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health, advocated for the use of Nurse Practitioners to the full extent of their education and training.3

Your role as a healthcare professional is multifunctional. As more patients seek diabetes treatment, the Nurse Practitioner is often their first line of care. Filling multiple roles, you diagnose, educate, counsel, and treat this growing patient population.

You take a 360-approach to diabetes management. When it comes to diabetes care, glucose and A1C monitoring, selection of an appropriate therapy, and starting and adjusting insulin are just some of the challenges Nurse Practitioners and their patients face together. For diabetes to be managed successfully, you take an individualized patient-centric approach that requires patients to adopt numerous diabetes self-management strategies to help them reach their glycemic goals.


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