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Helping You and Your Patients Keep
Track of their Health

Current guidelines for the treatment of diabetes and its complications, including those released by the American Diabetes Association, recommend that specific measures of health are taken on a per-visit or annual basis. You and your patients may benefit from seeing these measurements, how they compare to healthy target ranges or personal goals, how they change over the course of treatment, or how they shift in response to specific changes in their treatment plan. It is also important to periodically confirm that patients are receiving the necessary ancillary care, such as nutritional counseling, foot care, and eye exams, as well as diabetes education and support. This downloadable Diabetes Care Patient Tracker can help you monitor various clinical measures of diabetes management for each of your patients over time. The sheet can be kept in the patient’s chart for your reference, and may be shared with patients as a way to illustrate how they are doing over time.

Patient Tracker