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Diabetes Guidelines To Go

Here you will find summaries of key information from the 2017 American Diabetes Association Standards of Medical Care in Diabetes that can be accessed for easy reference during your day. The ADA Guidelines Quick Reference can be downloaded and viewed or printed as a complete document, or you can select and view your specific topic of interest within the document.

Notable changes to the 2017 guidelines1:

  • Focus on improving outcomes and reducing disparities in specific populations with diabetes, taking into account social factors and access to community resources (assessment of patients’ social context as well as local community resources and self-management support)
  • New staging system for type 1 diabetes
  • Validated screening tool for prediabetes and type 2 diabetes
  • New recommendations for assessment of sleep patterns and duration
  • Expanded list of diabetes comorbid conditions
  • Addition of fat and protein counting to carbohydrate counting for certain patients
  • Recommendation that prolonged sitting be interrupted every 30 minutes with activity
  • Recommendation for balance and flexibility training in older adults
  • Guidance on when to refer patients to a mental health provider
  • Recommendation to monitor vitamin B12 deficiency in patients with long-term metformin use
  • New definitions for clinically significant hypoglycemia (<54 mg/dL or <3.0 mmol/L) and the glucose alert value (≤70 mg/dL or <3.9 mmol/L)
  • Change in terminology from “bariatric surgery” to “metabolic surgery,” with new BMI thresholds for candidacy
  • Updated pharmacologic treatment algorithm
  • Updated blood pressure target of 120–160/80–105 mm Hg for pregnant patients with diabetes and chronic hypertension
  • Expanded discussions of diabetes care in children and adolescents
  • Updated recommendation for the use of either basal insulin or basal plus bolus correctional insulin –but not sliding scale insulin alone– in the acute care hospital setting

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