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Get to Know the Diabetes Treatment Guidelines

The resources in this section will help you navigate and apply the latest Standards of Medical Care in Diabetes from the American Diabetes Association. You will find a guidelines-based tool to collect comprehensive information about your patient at each encounter in order to make informed treatment recommendations—everything from their last A1C measurement to whether they had an eye exam in the last year. Summaries of key guideline recommendations can be downloaded for easy access as you move throughout your day. You can choose to view those guideline topics you think you will use most often. One of the most challenging aspects of caring for patients with type 2 diabetes is determining when to initiate insulin therapy. The Starting Insulin checklist provides a way to assess your patient’s readiness for insulin, moving beyond their glycemic status to take into account their capacity to start glucose monitoring, administer injections, and titrate their insulin dose based on their glucose test results. Additionally, this section includes a patient clinical tracker with guidelines-based recommended goals for various clinical measures of health, which will provide you and your patient with a long-term view of how their diabetes management plan is working. Finally, an overview of vaccine considerations is provided to help you and your patients assess their potential preventative utility at different life stages.

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