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Discover a range of resources to help you deliver quality care to the patients in your practice

Tools you can use. To help patients get to goal, educating and engaging them in building an effective self-management plan that fits their individual needs is one of the most important aspects of diabetes care. APPLY helps support you in this endeavor.

APPLY provides numerous resources and tools relevant to clinical practice that you can utilize in the day-to-day care of patients with diabetes. Here you can access multiple resources developed around the most current treatment guidelines, management of diabetes in the long-term care setting, tools on blood glucose monitoring and A1C testing, and an in-depth Patient Interview Guide to help you identify obstacles so you can develop an effective, individualized self-management plan.

See how Deborah Hinnen, RN, APN, BC-ADM, CDE, FAAN, FAADE uses the resources in the Wellness iNPractice Diabetes network to initiate insulin in an insulin-naïve patient.

Current Guidelines

Blood Glucose Monitoring & A1C Testing

Patient Interview Guide

Building Cultural Competence